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Late last week, Westworld broke the news that Ross Swirling, singer for Allout helter plead guilty to attempted sexual assault on a minor. According to the article, Swirling contacted an undercover agent online, who was posing as a 14 year old female. Swirling knew the decoy was 14 and even stated that he was 39.

Over the course of a few weeks, he moved the conversation from small talk to sexually charged discussion, without the prompting of the decoy, and eventually sent dick pics to the decoy. They then planned to meet up at a Mcdonalds during the decoy's school lunch break. At that time, Swirling was arrested by police. Apparently, he stated his life was over and even alluded to the fact that his father had been arrested for traveling across state lines with the intent to have sex with a minor. Police searched Swirling's devices and found that he had been communicating with another individual trading pictures of children that, while not naked, were sexually suggestive. The judge sentenced Swirling to two years of sex offender intensive supervised probation. Further, he is now on the Colorado Bureau of Investigation sex offender registry.

Westworld notes that Swirling had been active in trying, and sometimes being successful, to get shows canceled if the bands playing were against his political/social beliefs. Notably he campaigned against Teenage bottlerocket when allegations of misconduct regarding Ray Bottlerocket appeared online via the enough podcast.