Chrome to release new album

Chrome has announced a new album, which follows 2021's Scaropy. The new album is called Blue Exposure (referencing their classic Red Exposure LP) and it's out November 3 via Cleopatra. Of course, the new album is masterminded by Chrome's Helios Creed. Mel Collins of King Crimson also makes an appearance. You can see the track list below. The band also recently reissued Ghost Machine [Reissue] .

Track Listing
1. Chromosome Damage II
2. Enforcer
3. The City of Dead Stars
4. Stress City
5. Repo Man Feat. Mel Collins
6. Bathing In Life
7. Blue Exposure
8. Careful How You Pour That Wine
9. Drifting
10. The Journey
11. Waiting For The Sun, Waiting For The Moon
12. Way Before