Racetraitor have announced that they will be releasing a new album. It is called Creation and the Timeless Order of Things and will be out on November 17 via Good Fight Music. The band has released their first single called “Eid” which features Persian classical musician Fared Shafinury and guest vocals from Patrick Hassan of xRepentancex. A video for the track has also been released which features footage shot in Teheran, Iran using an iPhone to avoid detection and potential arrest. Racetraitor released their album 2042 in 2018. Check out the video and tracklist below.

Creation and the Timeless Order of Things Tracklist

1. Eid (ft. Fared Shafinury and Patrick Hassan)

2. Chamelecón (ft. Hera)3. Cave of the Patriarchs

4. Godspeed

5. Land Acknowledgment

6. Pastoral Monolith (ft. Dennis Lyxzén)

7. Black Creek / Red River (ft. Tim Kinsella)

8. Santa Apolonia (ft. Ruben L. Garza Jr)

9. Sarcophagus  

10. Subordinate Terror (ft. Stan Liszewski)

11. Cape Rerenga (ft. Carrie Gerardi)

12. Sword (ft. Sanket Lama)

13. Pangaea Proxima