Today, we are pleased to debut the new video by Super Cassette!

On Super Cassette's new album, the band mixes whimsical '80s video game references with, oh you know, THE IDEA IF LIFE IS EVEN WORTH LIVING? The band's new track, which seems insoired by AJJ, Jeff Rosenstock, and classic era Tegan and Sara, finds the group juggling heavy question with Nintendo bleeps.

Speaking to Punknews, the band's Max Gerlock said, ""When I wrote 'Continue' I was feeling utterly hopeless. I had quit my desk job to pursue music and focus on building community, then the pandemic happened and I was left with no ability to reach people or connect to others through music. Every path seemed doomed — boring nine-to-five job, music career, something in between — everything sounded like a dead end.

But despite having the shit repeatedly kicked out of me (mostly by myself), I still knew that I wanted to give this thing a shot. That I had something to offer to the world through my music and that I didn't want to give into my complacency or my mental health problems. This song and the album as a whole are about that: whether anyone gives a fuck in the end, all I know is that I have to create things and not let myself be consumed by bitterness.

The album started in this dark place but ended up charting out a journey of self-actualization. Fundamentally I am a joyful person who wants to bring light into other people's lives. This album traces that whole journey."

Continue? is out December 1 and you can see the video below.