The Holy Ghost Tabernacle Choir

The Holy Ghost Tabernacle Choir have announced that they will be releasing a remixed version of their 2022 album Slow Murder called Slow Murder: The Remixes. ZOMBIESHARK!’s version of “Cow Tools” and Cocojoey’s remix of “Doomed to Grow” (ft. Money Nicca) have been released. Slow Murder: The Remixes will be out on October 13. The Holy Ghost Tabernacle Choir will be touring the US with ZETA later this month. Check out the new songs and tracklist below.

Slow Murder: The Remixes Tracklist

1. nothing left to lose in my actions (voiddweller type beat)

2. unawarewolf (human accident remix)

3. picturesque ruins (tungsten lungs remix)

4. grease log (feat. logan rivera) (memorrhage cyberskin99 remix)

5. it's all undone, it's bullshit, there's no wow factor (fenrir batdorf remix)

6.cow tools (zombieshark! shark tools remix)

7. doomed to grow (feat. money nicca) (cocojoey's shadow of the secret garden mix

8. niema (living close) (june lalonde remix)

9. grease log (feat. logan rivera) (n8ureboi chaosmix)

10. thinking about the immortality of the crab (i'm letting unseen forces take the wheel remix)

11. unawarewolf (mukqs fullmoon rebuild)