Human Missile Crisis

Today we are thrilled to bring you the premiere of the new lyric video by Dartmouth-based garage punk trio Human Missile Crisis! The song is called “Blackwater” and the video was created by Wyatt Gallant. Speaking about the song, guitarist and vocalist DJ Vaters said,

”This is one of those songs that just wrote itself and came out of nowhere within about 5 minutes. One day I was speaking to my old friend’s brother, and he reminded me that Charles passed away 5 years ago. Shortly after that conversation I cracked a beer, picked up the guitar and this song basically appeared in front of me. We Grew up in Dominion, Nova Scotia. There were coal mining communities all around us so coal dust could wash up on our beaches. That is what ‘Blackwater’ is. Sonically I wanted this song to be powerful and memorable, an anthem to our old friend Charles.”

”Blackwater” is off Human Missile Crisis’s album Liquor Store Stories which was released earlier this year. Watch the video below!