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Edit: 1:00pm, 10/17/23- Songtradr reached out to us to clarify numbers reported on this issue. They stated: "Of 118 employees, 60 were offered employment. (58 accepted, 1 is pending and 1 declined). Those who didn’t receive offers will receive severance from Epic as part of their layoffs as communicated on September 28th." The company did not refute the fact that their initial press release mischaracterized 50% of the work force being laid off as "50% of bandcamp employees have accepted offers to join Songtradr" (which implies 100% of the workforce were offered jobs).

As reported earlier this month, Bandcamp, which was owned by Epic games, was sold to Songtradr. This week, about 50% of bandcamp's staff was laid off, including some people that ran Bandcamp's journalism arm, Bandcamp daily. About 60 are being let go, although in a press release, Songtradr characterized the layoffs as "50% of bandcamp employees have accepted offers to join Songtradr." The press release did not mention that the other 50% were not offered anything at all.

According to sources, bandcamp co-founder Ethan Diamond was unaware of the sale until the night before it was announced, and has not responded to any requests for information.

Meanwhile, for the past year or so, Bandcamp United, the union that represents bandcamp employees, has been wrestling with Epic games for a collective agreement. The union has stated that the talks will now resume with Songtradr, though it appears the union position is significantly weakened. You can read the union statement below, along with comments that were included with these news tips, to punknews.

Comments included in news tips to Punknews:

"Bandcamp laid off tons of people ahead of its sale to Songtradr. Maybe you should pull your head out of your booty hole and report on the union struggle for a platform that tons and tons of punk bands rely on. Maybe before they completely ruin bandcamp."

"Here's a statement from the bandcamp union afterwards, unless you're some kind of corporate run loser. Who owns punk news these days?"