Yo! Here's a cool new band! It's called Slugwater and it has members of some bands you might already know…

The band has Gayla Brooks of Fat Heaven on drums, Elijah de la Campa on bass/vocals, and half of the now-defunct Death Vacation, with Victor Miranda on guitar and Casey Savage on guitar/vocals.

But, Slugwater is something a little heavier and spacey than the band's pedigree. With hints of post-punk, goth, shoegaze and emo (the good Dischord kind), the band cranks out intense, angsty tunes that sometimes hit like a sledgehammer and sometimes are just the barest of wisps. This band has a lot of emotions.

Their debut EP Slug Sounds I is out sometime next year, but "Big Light" is the first taste. Drummer Gayla Brooks spoke briefly about the tune: "'Big Light' reflects on our habits, where they might come from, and why we judge them."

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