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UPDATED NOV 7 Gel have announced that they are dropping off their upcoming dates with Jeff Rosenstock that was set to begin later this month. The band released a statement on Instagram which reads,

”Sadly we have to announce we are no longer going to be on the tour with Jeff Rosenstock this December. Several of us have had lasting health issues that we’ve neglected to get taken care of for far too long on top of our extremely busy touring schedule. We decided that for our own wellbeing, we needed to take this time off to take care of ourselves and fully recover. We were very much looking forward to these shows, so thank you Jeff for wanting us to be a part.”

Gel released their album Only Constant earlier this year.

It was announced that Georgia Maq, formerly of Camp Cope (who broke up earlier this year), will be replacing them on all dates. In a statement released on Instagram, she said,

"Camp Cope’s first tour with an international band was Jeff Rosenstock and his band of silly billies so this feels very right because it’s my first solo tour!!! Jeff rocks because he has a cool wife, a cool band and he was instrumental in the fight against venues taking merch cuts, so I’m stoked for our names to be together on a bill again. My wonderful friend and collaborator is going to be rockin out with me every night playing a set of entirely new songs with an entirely new vibe. See you there"

Georgia Maq released Live at Sydney Opera House EP in 2022.