Listen to Citizen Rage's new record and read a track-by-track breakdown!

Today we are excited to bring you a track-by-track breakdown of the new record by Calgary-based hardcore punkers Citizen Rage! It is called Harsh Reality and the band broke down each of their 10 tracks for us. Harsh Reality hits streaming services today (pre-save it right here!) and is also available physically via Cursed Blessings Records (grab a copy right here!). Listen to the record and read the track-by-track breakdown below!

”What’s It to You”

A call to arms to stand against hatred and bigotry. Specifically, all the bullshit being thrown at the queer community. We must unite and fight against that shit to protect our LGBTQ2+ siblings.

”Given No Hope”

The church and the government committed a genocide against the Indigenous people of this country within the residential school system. Thousands of children were murdered. Thousands of warriors who never got the chance to flourish. We will not let them be forgotten.

”One Last Time”

We’ve all lost someone. Friends, families, loved ones, and it hurts. Every one of those people left a mark on our life, and they will be missed. This song is about how we would trade anything for one more moment with them. One more conversation. One more hug.


This song is about the effects chronic pain can have on a person. When you spend years trying to find help and the only thing anyone will do is throw different drugs at you, you end up dealing with an endless stream of side effects, and that can send your brain into some pretty nasty places.

”Look For Me in Darkness”

Mental illness is real thing, and way too many people are suffering in silence. We all tell each other “Reach out if you need some help; but we seem to forget that when you’re in those really dark mental places, sometimes it’s impossible to reach out. So, we all need to recognize when people we love are in those places, and we need to reach in. When those we love are in those dark places, we gotta light the way for them.

”Talk To Me”

“Talk To Me” is another one about mental health. Keeping that shit inside can kill you, so it’s so important to talk. Tell someone what’s eating at you. Get whatever help you need. There is no shame in not being ok. If you feel like you don’t have anyone to talk to, you can talk to us. We promise you are never as alone as you feel.

”Fuck Your Face”

We all know those fake lying people. Those vampires are out there, and they will bleed you dry. “Fuck Your Face” is a song about cutting them out of your life.


“Breathe” is a cover of a song by a band called The Rebel Spell. We wanted to cover it, because what we got out of those lyrics was a message that despite how fucked everything seems to be right now, with the rampant capitalism, right wing hatred, and the relentless societal urge to conform to expectations, you can still carve your own path. You can skip all that shit, take a step back, take a deep breath, and live your own life.

”For Worse or Better”

Every day we are bombarded with voices from the media and the ruling political parties and the so called “moral majority” telling us how we should live. This song is about how despite all that, each and every one of us is in control of our own lives and are free to make our own choices.

”Watch What You Say”

”Watch What You Say” is a simple track about not running your mouth and disrespecting people behind their backs. You never know when the person you’re talking to is tight with the person you’re talking shit about. We won’t sit idle while someone disrespects our family.