Brent Purgason, the personal slave of GWAR's Pustalus Maximus, is leaving the Slave Pit. Purgason stated that he is leaving on good terms and will continue to work with them in some capacity. He also added, "Leaving brings back many memories over the years and the main one that comes to mind is getting the call from Dave Brockie while driving home down Lakeside Avenue. He was screaming through the phone, “Dude!You’re in the band!”. It was a great moment to have and It breaks my heart that no one else will ever get that call again. It’s a reminder that this was a very different band when I joined and I was a very different person. People grow and priorities change."

Purgason joined the band after Cory Smoot, the personal slave of Flattus Maximus passed away and Flattus left earth. At that time, Pustulus was de-thawed with Purgason as his perosnal slave. It is unclear if Pustulus will also remain in the band. You can see Purgason's statement below.