Today, we are pleased to debut the new track by Chilton!

New York's Chilton is back with a new self-titled album and the lead single, "Arcturning" is a RIPPER! The track is high powered and fast paced, with some classic melodo-riffage fuleing the engine. As the track tears forward, it spins out of control at points, showing that the band's combustibility is the real deal. All the while, through the booming and shredding and gnashing and noise, the band is singing about… love-dovey stuff…

Speaking to Punknews about the track, the band's Josh Carother's said, "When it comes to love, we are conditioned to think another person will complete it. But what we’re looking for in the entire experience is internal: self love, self worth, self reliance. Learn, teach--teach, learn. ALL things are One consciousness reflecting itself back on itself."

The new album is out January 12 via Dead Broke and they are playing a show December 16 at 18th Ward Brewing in Brooklyn. You can pre-order the new LP right here and hear the new tune below, right now!