Listen to two new tracks by Lumpy and IndiSKA In Decay!

Today we are thrilled to bring you a double premiere for the new songs by Indica In Decay (who turn into IndiSKA In Decay for this release!) and Lumpy! IndiSKA In Decay’s new track is called “Coulda Been Ska” and features performances by Flip and the Combined Effort, Holy Schnikes!, Sad Snack, The Hellas, and Musicubes. Speaking about the track, Ilan Moskowitz said,

”This is a dream lineup for me of Texas, LA and Bay Area ska musicians with hyper Emo production. And it’s a ska cover, which is part of the beautiful mania we all love about the genre.”

Lumpy’s track is called “Dreamt Me Up” and was done entirely by Bryan Highhill. Speaking about the track, Bryan Highhill said,

”A song of ethereal echoes telling cosmic tales about crunchy hearts. Brought to life by swift flugelhorns, dubby electronics, and finger snaps."

The songs are off their upcoming split together and will hit streaming on January 1. You can pre-save Lumpy's track right here and pre-save IndiSKA's track right here. Their split EP will be out in 2024 via Lavasocks Records. Listen to both tracks below!