Listen to Punknews Podcast #648.63 and #648.64!
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Two new episodes of the Punknews Podcast are now up! Episode #648.63 is the last episode of 2023! In this episode, John and Em are in full freestyle mode and they talk about the magic of Punknews, artistic integrity, Asian Man Records re-releasing Common Rider’s first album, Black Flag, religious imagery in songs, and so much more.

Episode #648.64 is the last Em Tells You What To Listen To of 2023! Em plays some of her favourite songs (129 in total!) from last year including tracks by Death Goals, HIRS Collective, Dreamwell, Pupil Slicer, Blind Equation, Zeal, Taxi Girls, NOBRO, Scowl, Screaming Females, New Pagans, and so many more. This episode is five hours and forty-five minutes! Listen to both episodes below!