CHERYM have announced that their bassist Nyree has decided to step away from the band. The band announced this in an Instagram post which reads,

”It is with a heavy heart that we feel we should announce that Nyree has decided to step away from CHERYM.

As a trio the last few years together have been absolutely incredible and we are super lucky to have experienced this together as a family; to have written an album which tells the story of our lives, played some incredible festivals and met some awesome people who have grown to be part of the CHERYM family too. These are things many best friends always say they’ll do, but for us to experience that together has been the best feeling in the world.[…]

We want you guys to know that Hannah and Alannagh will be continuing with CHERYM and that Nyree’s departure will not affect the future of the band or any of the announced dates for 2024.

We want to wish Nyree on all the best on their future endeavours and just know that they’ll always be a part of the CHERYM family”

The band also included a statement by Nyree in their post which reads,

”We’ve always stood by and supported each other throughout our time as CHERYM but we wanted you all to hear it in Nyree’s words first:

“Hey everyone, Nyree here! I’ve written this to tell everyone that I’ve decided to leave CHERYM. I’ve been struggling with chronic illnesses for years now but since Covid, it has become harder to cope and deal with them.

The last 7 years have been an adventure and I’ll never forget it! I’m gonna miss youse all so much. The support that you all have shown to us has been a real pillar of strength, in the hardest and best parts of this job.

I’m excited and nervous for the next journey in my life but ultimately know this is the best decision for me right now. I’ll still be writing music and will definitely share them with you when the time is right!

Thanks for everything, legends.”

CHERYM will be releasing their debut album Take It Or Leave It on February 16 via Alcopop! Records. The band released their EP Hey Tori in 2021. See the band’s post in full below.