Gulfer have announced that they will be releasing a new album. It is called Third Wind and will be out on February 28 via Topshelf Records. The band has also released a video for their new song “Too Slow” which was Directed by Vincent Ford and Jordano Aguzzi. Speaking about the song and video the band said,

"'Too Slow' is a reflection on burnout and the desire to alleviate the pressure that comes with it. The music video centers around a runner who is meant to symbolize the urgency being conveyed by the energy and tempo of the song. Broadly speaking, the goal of the video was to lean into the surreal, and to weave a loose storyline that transcended the normative music video narrative. We also spent the entire 10-hour shoot fighting below 0 temperatures, mostly notably with our drummer Julien being the star of the second half of the video."

Gulfer released their single Greetings / Barely in 2022 and released their self-titled album in 2020. Check out the video below.