As alluded to in numerous news posts and statements by the band, Sublime is now just Sublime again (and not Sublime with Rome. Sublime's Bud Gaugh has reunited with Eric Wilson (who played as Sublime with Rome… with Rome and Joe Tomino in recent years). On vocals and guitar will be Jakob Nowell, son of Sublime singer Brad Nowell. The band's debut show will be at Coachella this Spring. No other dates have been announced and, perhaps surprisingly, even the band has been somewhat tight lipped about the matter. The confirmation of the Jakob/Gaugh/Wilson lineup comes from Coachella, and not the band.

Interestingly, this reunion comes just weeks after Sublime with Rome announced that they will disband at the END of 2024. So, it appears that this year, there may be two active sublimes, unless the current Sublime reunion alters the Sublime with Rome announcement from just a few weeks ago. We'll keep you updated.