Listen to the new cover song by Valient Himself!

Today we are thrilled to bring you the premiere of the new cover song by Valient Himself! The song is called “I Saw The Light” and was originally recorded by Todd Rundgren. The cover will be on his upcoming debut solo album Crooner’s Jukebox. Speaking about the track, Valient Himself said,

br>"Before I lived in Richmond, we hardly ever came through here. There was one band that we would play with when we did and that was RPG. Matt Conner was the guitar player/ vocalist. He's got sort of a one man band up here now called Station Aries and when I asked him if he wanted to participate in this "project", he and his buddies Dusty and Andy had this jam basically ready to go. He's a hell of a musician and I think this is one of the best songs on the whole album. They really captured the soul of Rundgren's original. The bass, that guitar solo, the piano, it all sounds so “of the time” & truly captures the spirit of what I wanted to accomplish. I can picture us rocking this in a lounge or an old disco, or even in front of a television audience like bandstand or top of the pops. Matt killed it.”

Crooner’s Jukebox will be out everywhere on February 3 via Smokedoggg Records. Check out the track below!