Buio Omega

Today we are stoked to bring you a stream of Minneapolis-based hardcore punks Buio Omega’s new record! The record is called Diva Moment and features five killer tracks that will make you want to mosh, smash capitalism, and destroy societial expectations. We caught up with lead singer Greer to hear all about the record. Diva Moment is available digitally now. Listen to the record and read the track-by-track breakdown below!

Diva Moment Track-by-Track Breakdown "Diva Moment"

"Diva Moment" is about when my friends and I went to a Wrestlepalooza at First Avenue days after our friend had suddenly died and all of us (but especially me) were crying so hard in the front row that a stranger messaged me on Instagram to ask if I was okay.

"Business Man"

"Business Man" is about being frustrated with and being openly defiant to people who have power over you and because of that they think that means you have to totally obey them and respect them when they don’t give you that same respect in return.

"Hole Lotta Buio"

"Hole Lotta Buio" came out of me watching a bunch of youtube videos about fundamental Christianity and it was pissing me off the way some people are denying themselves and others normal things they love and want to do (like having sex, wearing fun clothes, being gay, etc) because of their religion, and using it as a reason to berate and degrade other people who are just doing things they love and having a good time. It's called "Hole Lotta Buio" cuz we thought the riff at the beginning sounds like whole lotta rosie by ACDC and no one came up with a better name LOL.

"I Wanna Crash My Car (on Purpose)"

"I Wanna Crash My Car (on Purpose)" is about the taboo desire to break social scripts via crashing a car into a brick wall. It's not about hurting people or running people over, it's about having this giant mechanical beast in your control and the one thing you shouldn’t do with it is crash it and that makes me REALLY wanna crash it. If I ever find out I have a week to live I am crashing my car for sure (maybe into a bank?)

"Into The Darkness/Leather Vampire"

"Into the Darkness/Leather Vampire" is a fetish song about dressing up in leather and having kinky nasty sex with a fellow fetishist.