Via an Anonymous Source, Posted by Lorelei

with an enormous Lorelei Records update. Highlights:

  • The label's new compilation, This Is Your Establishment, is now out. The CD, composed mainly of rare/unreleased tracks from Autopilot Off, Kissing Chaos, Good Riddance, and more, benefits the Center for Constitutional Rights, and can be bought here.

  • Trash-punk band Los Dry Heavers has signed to the label. Their new CD, Heartaches, Hangovers & Hangups, will be out in April.
  • Here Kitty Kitty's new album, This Is Broken, will be out in March.
  • Joe Fish of Fury 66 has joined I Want Out on the drums.
  • Spark Of Life have parted with their vocalist Steve Jennings "due to irreconcilable differences." The group is now considering a name change - to submit your ideas, email
  • Lastly, Lorelei has announced plans for their new compilation, Not Just Boys Fun. It will consist of bands with female singers covering 7 Seconds songs. To participate, email