Listen to two new tracks by IndiSKA in Decay and Lumpy!

Today we are super stoked to bring you the premiere of two new tracks by IndiSKA In Decay (made up of Indica In Decay featuring Dynastic, Lumpy, Holy Schnikes!, and Musicubes) and Lumpy! IndiSKA In Decay’s new track is called “Skapwater”. Speaking to Punknews, Ilan Moskowitz has this to say about the song,

”’Skapwater’ is about how many punk house slumlords rip off their tenants as a source of income to avoid working for the corporations they find morally detestable. It’s a piece of Indica’s story since she is chronically jumping from band house to band house, living on couches or practice space floors.”

Lumpy’s new track is called “Sometimes” and speaking to us about the track Bryan Highhill said,

“It’s meant to be a positive and encouraging song about letting go of cruel and painful times that are out of your control - unburdening yourself of whatever mental anguish came with it. Leaving behind who you were and being confident in who you have become.”

Both songs will hit streaming tomorrow. The tracks will also be on IndiSKA In Decay and Lumpy’s upcoming split which will be out in March via Lavasocks Records. Listen to the tracks below!