Lenny Kaye playing two 'Nuggets' shows... maybe Damned members will be there?

Tomorrow and Friday, iconic musician and compilation producer Lenny Kaye is doing a show where he plays songs from Nuggets, the highly influential compilation he curated. That's at the 100 club in London.

Apparently, members of The Damned might also show up and play a song. Captain Sensible commented on the event: "Lenny Kaye the albums curator is doing a couple of rare shows featuring the music starting tomorrow at London’s excellent 100 Club - where Rat is doing some drumming and rumour has it Mr Vanian may be performing Too Much To Dream, an old fave of ours. I’d be there myself if not for a prior engagement in Rome doing some TV show or other. Possibly a where are they now feature? Anyway, if you attend the 100 Club show don’t forget to offer Rat a beer.. drumming is thirsty work."