Pandemonium 2024 festival change to single stage event, Dead Kennedys off line up
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Australian music festival Pandemonium has announced that they will be changing to a one stage event. The band released a statement on their website that reads,

”Pandemonium Rocks will be changing to a one stage event. All dates remain the same. A revised line up will be announced as soon as possible. For the sake of transparency, we are still waiting on responses from festival stakeholders across multiple time zones, which has a run on effect with ticketing, production, artwork etc. We appreciate this may not be the update you were hoping for, but in order to avoid further confusion, we will share confirmed details as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience."

Dead Kennedys who were set to play the festival have announced that they will no longer be playing in an Instagram statement that reads,

”We regret to inform everyone that Dead Kennedys will not be performing at the Pandemonium Festival shows in Australia later this month as the shows have been reduced to one stage and Dead Kennedys will not be included in the lineup. Dead Kennedys is eager to tour Australia when schedules next permit.”

As of this writing (April 5, 2024) no other bands have dropped off the festival.