The Mendozaz
by Exclusive Videos

Today we are thrilled to bring you the premiere of the new video by Toronto-based pop-punk trio The Mendozaz! The video is for their new song “I’d Rather Be Listening To The Mendozaz”. Speaking about the song, guitarist and vocalist Jonny said,

“Our exercise in the power of suggestion! The mighty fist of indoctrination! We wrote the catchiest chorus we could think of and are ready to inflict it upon the world. It’s almost a challenge. Can you make it all the way through the song without getting it stuck in your head? Will you wake up in the middle of the night compelled to put on our record? Are spinach burritos delicious or what? We threw subtlety out the window and are leaping feet-first into this social experiment.”

”I’d Rather Be Listening To The Mendozaz” will be on their upcoming album Loafers which will be out on June 7 via Cartridge Heart. Watch the video below!

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