Jeff Rosenstock

Jeff Rosenstock is the latest artist to drop off of German music festival Booze Cruise. He released a statement on Instagram which reads,

”After a lot of thought and offline conversations, we will not be playing this years Booze Cruise. I'm deeply sorry to anyone who was looking forward to seeing us. Free Palestine and stop using our tax dollars to fund fascism and genocide instead of health care.”

This follows the organizer of the festival being accused of being a Zionist to which the organizer responded with a statement on Instagram earlier this month (April 15) that reads in part,

” Like many Jews and citizens of Israel, I do not support the current Israeli government, nor do I have any knowledge about Israel's settlement plans. The pacifist optimist in me would love to see two peaceful states, Hamas incarcerated, Netanjahu out of office, and Palestinians free to travel, work, and love whomever they choose.

So, if you hold a different viewpoint on the existence of Israel, Booze Cruise might not be the festival you want to attend this summer. If you believe that shouting "from the river…" is an acceptable statement, it’s not, in fact it is a crime according to German law. If you post terms like "i$rael", "z!onist", "gen0cide", then fuck all the way off already. If you wish to discuss this further, feel free to reach out.”

Toodles and the Hectic Party dropped off the festival on April 15 with a statement on Twitter that reads in part,

”We’re no longer playing Booze Cruise in Hamburg or going to Germany next month. If you don’t believe in the liberation of Palestine, don’t book our band, don’t listen to our music, don’t come to our shows”.

Teenage Halloween dropped off the festival on April 16 with a statement on Twitter reading,

”Teenage Halloween has decided to drop off of Booze Cruise. We’ll also be unable to fulfill any other planned EU dates. We hope to be back to the EU as soon as we can. Thank you for understanding”.

You can see all the posts in full below.