Jeff Rosenstock

Jeff Rosenstock has announced the first of a “potentially infinite” amount of shows in Brooklyn, New York. The show will take place on August 21 at Warsaw. In the post announcing the show on Instagram, Jeff Rosenstock wrote in part,

”ALRIGHT WE ARE FINALLY COMING BACK TO BROOKLYN THIS SUMMER, PLAYING A POTENTIALLY INFINITE AMOUNT OF SHOWS AT OUR BELOVED WARSAW IN GREENPOINT. TIX ON SALE TOMORROW 12 PM. Look, I know our last few shows in the area have either been a bit pricey, at a venue no one likes traveling to, or sold out very very quickly. So we wanted to do something special in Brooklyn, something where everyone can go. Starting August 21st we're gonna play a bunch of shows at the Warsaw, a venue that has been home to a lot of special moments in my life. Here's how it's gonna work - tickets for 8/21 are on sale tomorrow at 12 PM. If that show sells out, we'll put up tickets for the next night, and so on and so forth until no one wants to see any more of us. We'll be playing around two hours every night, different set list every night, and hopefully by the end we'll have played everything anyone might want to hear. Stoked to spend some time in the ol' neighborhood, it's been too long. SEE Y'ALL IN THE GIGGLE PIT.”

Jeff Rosenstock will be touring Europe starting at the end of this month and released HELLMODE in 2023.