Jason DeVore

Today we are thrilled to bring you the premiere of the new video by Jason DeVore of Authority Zero! The video is for his new song “Turn It Off!” And was directed by Eric Cannon. Speaking about the song and video Jason said,

”"A brilliant and very talented director by the name of Eric Cannon with Illmatic Productions brought the music video to life. I had this wild left-field concept one day when I was watching the latest Joker movie with the role played by Joaquin Phoenix. As I was watching it, I started picturing my song playing along to the scene where he’s walking down the hallway with his back turned to you and then when he turns around there’s that look of maniacal vengeance but yet somehow at peace and confident in his mentally ill mind. Directly following that scene was the carefree dance scene of him on the staircase and it all came together in my head--a 'this is it' moment. I instantly drafted a makeshift video with the actual footage from the film with 'Turn It Off!' playing in the background and it blew my mind how well it fit to the imagery and the storyline. I sent it off to Jeff and Em at Double Helix Records and they were instantly intrigued. We then tied Eric into the concept and he absolutely loved it. It’s unreal to me how well he was able to make the vision come to life as a short film. Some of the most memorable things about making this video was just how much fun it was acting. I love acting. I’ve dreamt of being an actor, as well as a musician, since I was a kid--an entertainer as a whole, I suppose. Watching the big screen and cinema has always been a favorite pastime of mine, so to get to do something that combines the elements of music and theatre of sorts just made this experience so unique and awesome for me.”

“Turn It Off!” is off Jason DeVore’s upcoming solo album ’Til The Voice Goes Out which will be out on June 7 via Double Helix Records, SBAM Records, and Caffeine Bomb Records. Watch the video below!