Crazy and the Brains, Crush Fund, Frida Kill, Sgt. Scag, Stop The Presses, more to play Punk Island

Punk Island has announced its lineup for this year. 95 Bulls, A New Bug, Bachslider, Better Plastic, Black Lincoln, Caitlin Starr, Calendar Year, Car Becomes Airplane, Cash Bribe, Cat Crash, Chemical X, Come Mierda, Crazy and The Brains, Crush Fund, Dead Tooth, Despot, Dias Azules, Dodomeki, Drogato, Erica Dawn Lyle, Fox Teeth, Femcel, Francie Moon, Frida Kill, Goblin City Rat Boys, Hands of Spite, Jekssaira, Joudy, Kaiser Solzie, Kissy Noises, Lagrimas HTX, Lake Lanier, Laurel Canyon, Lurking Class, Maafa, Mary Shelley, Miltiaismyname, Monica Bang, Necrotic Society, Neon Rayon, Not Yer Baby, One Hour Photo, Person(A), PMFD, Presence of Conflict, Prostitution, Psychic of Orange, Pucker Up!, Pusch, Queer Chaos, Rats En Zelo, RBNX, Red Hunting Cap, Sgt. Scag, Shred Filntstone, Shut Up!, Skorts, Sludge Bunny, Soji, Speakeasy, Spike Polite, Stop The Presses, Suzuki Methyd, Tilt, Tesla’s Revenge, The Breathing Light, The Bum Babies, The Car Bomb Parade, The Milkmaids, The Muckrakers, Timeless Clock, Tits Dick Ass, Tracy City, Trouble Bound, Tula Vera, Two Headed Girl, Winter Wolf, World Sucks, and Worse Off will be playing the festival.

Along with the music the festival will also be holding a Zine Fest presented by #blkgrlswurld. Along with #blkgrlswurld Zine, Gnarly Headache, Battle Jester, Meghann Early, Gregorio Lewis, Porch Wwater Press, NCY Metropolitan Anarchist Coordinating Council, Fierce Invalids, Maya Cordero, Sid Drmay, Outsider Magazine, Olive Nicole, Alfaaz Zine, Punk Rock Saves Lives, Mac, Punk Scholars Network, Interference Archive, Black Rock Coalition, Punks In Recovery, Popgym, Soundbath, Bushwick Print Lab, Theatre of the Oppressed, Time We Get Back Home, Film Diary, Faggy Notions, Saint Bimbo’s Film Church, and Damali Abrams will be there.

Punk Island is still looking for volunteers and will take place on Randalls Island in New York on June 8.