Listen to two new episodes of the Punknews Podcast - Sam & Em and Freestyle Some More!
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Two new episodes of the Punknews Podcast are now up!

Episode #649.99 finds Sam and Em hanging out and talking about some their favourite new and new-ish songs including tracks by Wise Guise, Stand Still, Pizza Bush, Shoreline, Peopleviolence, and The Bouncing Souls. They also discuss the eclipse, the New York Earthquake, going to punk shows on boats, pizza, pickles, and so much more.

#649.992 is possibly one of the last episodes of the great Freestyle Era. John and Em pay tribute to the late Steve Albini, talk about the end of OFF!, discuss Jeff Rosenstock’s possibly infinite concert series, get into the drama around Cavalera, and the fracturing of Fishbone. They also discuss Green Day playing Dubai, The Interrupters covering the Mighty Mighty Bosstones, John Lydon cancelling his upcoming spoken word tour, the greatness of T-Rex. Em tells John about her plans for Pouzza Fest and John tells Em about his plans for Punk Rock Bowling.

Listen to both episodes below!