Check out the freaky new video by Lumberob!

Okay… we've got a weird one for you today!

Lumberob is one weird dude.He makes psychedelic, dark, trippy music that sounds like it is out of an acid-bathed '60s cartoon. Have you ever said to yourself, "what if the Flaming Lips were more evil sounding and they were mixed with the Residents and Their Satanic Majesty's Request? Well, that's the freaked out "My Goth Acquaintance." It's kind of scary and it rules.

Speaking to Punknews, Lumberob says "It’s a punk thing if it’s an urgent thing — there must be some risk that things will break. Every time I step up to play, I think of that: how can I properly break something such that it’s being rebuilt is absolutely dazzling. Like Townes says, “there ain’t no dark till something shines.”

Lumberob's new album, Hunter Gatherer is out July 12 via the famed Shimmy Disc label. You can pick that up here and you can see the freaky video for "My goth acquaintance" below, right now!