Green Day Partners with... Keurig

For a few years now, Green Day have been releasing coffee (and a few limited records) through Oakland Coffee Company. Today, they announced their new lines of brew and associated brand, Punk Bunny Coffee. Along with that, Green Day/Oakland Coffee have partnered with coffee manufacturer Keuric to release coffee pods. As per a press release:"Today, Punk Bunny Coffee also announced a new partnership with Keurig Dr Pepper (KDP) to join the Keurig K-Cup® Pod System, making Punk Bunny Coffee available to more than 40 million U.S. households with a Keurig brewer. As part of the band and KDP’s shared commitment to sustainability, Punk Bunny K-Cup pods will be the first to launch the full flavor portfolio - Father of All…Dark Roasts, Soundcheck, Last Ride In and Light Club - with easy-peel lids to prepare pods for recycling."

Ben Yoder, Vice President of Coffee Partners, Keurig Dr Pepper, adds “Green Day brings the same legendary passion they bring to their music to their work creating distinctive Fair Trade Certified coffee built on community from source to cup."

The press release also explains how the new Green Day… project… came to be: "Bringing Adam Devine, Rachael Ray and other friends as investors, [Green Day] tapped consumer packaging goods experts Richard and Paul Smucker Wagstaff as investors, advisors and board members. In the fall of 2023, the guys landed on their iconic Bunny as the face of the brand and Punk Bunny Coffee was born. Oakland Coffee products were manufactured by a third-party Bay Area-based roaster, but Mike, Billie Joe, and Tre wanted to have more control over their roasts. After a search spearheaded by Embassy Park Advisors, Oakland Coffee merged with Caruso Foods, an Ohio-based premier specialty family-run coffee roaster."

Paul Smucker Wagstaff, former President of Smucker and 5th Generation Smucker family member also weighed in: “The combination of our CPG Food expertise, the Caruso platform and Green Day’s ability to promote products and make connections in the entertainment industry has the company positioned to grow meaningfully over the next several years. We expect to pursue joint ventures and acquisitions as we venture into new product categories. We believe by bringing incredible fair trade organic coffee and the connectivity of the music industry we can be the coffee for music lovers everywhere.”

We'll keep you updated.