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New York pop-punk trio Fat Heaven is playing the west coast right now. The band will be playing with Tsunami Bomb, Middle-Aged Queers, Dollar Store, and other bands on various stops. You can see the dates below.

MONDAY MAY 20, 2024SANTA ROSA, CA Taqueria Mila (with Moonsick and Laguna Screech)
WEDNESDAY MAY 22, 2024ALBANY, CA The Ivy Room (with Startle and The Bonstones)
THURSDAY MAY 23, 2024BERKELEY, CA 924 Gilman St (with Dollar Store, Middle-Aged Queers and Tsunami Bomb)
FRIDAY MAY 24, 2024CROCKETT, CA Toot's Tavern (with Ajar, Bite, Temple Beautiful Band and Butt Ugly Hillbillies)
SATURDAY MAY 25, 2024LOS ANGELES, CA Boomtown Brewery (with Raised On TV, Vudaje, Latumba, The Affy, Los Alamos and Pulsar Radio)
SUNDAY MAY 26, 2024LAS VEGAS, NV Hogs & Heifers (with Bad Year, Middle Out, Knives and Middle-Aged Queers)