Today we are pleased to debut a rad new video… it's for "Growl" by Rad Owl!

If you read this site you will like this band. The band kicks out melodic, high energy pop-punk that's tied with a certain melancholy. You guys eat this stuff up.

Speaking to Punknews, vocalist/guitarist Jeremy Jessen says “The lyrics sorta tie into the album title, trying to lean into middle age on your own terms. ‘Growl’ is about navigating the awkwardness of adulting and shifting priorities. Like, learning how to get out of your own way, giving yourself some grace — that delicate balance of picking your battles without losing sight of who you were as a teenager brought up on punk rock ideals.”

You can pick up the band's new 12-inch in the USA here and in the Uk here. In the meantime, check outt he video for "Growl" below, right now!