Check out the new song by HeWhoCannotBeNamed
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Here's a new track by HeWhoCannotBeNamed.

"Torneo Del Purgatorio" is a hard-charging pop-punker. The track is off a four song EP, Ghost Ride out May 24 Via Rad Girlfriend Records. You can pre-order the release right here and check out the new track and an interview with HeWho below.

What's the concept behind the title track? I have been reading a lot of Stephen King novels recently. I think he really gets contemporary American Culture. One I was particularly struck by is "Christine". Don't watch the movie it's terrible, but, as is often the case with King's stuff, the book is excellent. I think it was Chuck Berry who said that a rock n roll song must be about "Cars, Girls, or School". This book has all those elements along with death. So does the song.

The new EP has a song called "Three Chords." As a guitarist, do you find the punk "three chord" ethos to be liberating or restrictive… or both? Rock is one of the many variations of American folk music. It's all based on 1-4-5 chords. "Three Chords" is really a country song but I had a punk rock band at the time it was recorded. It is pretty easy to translate the two styles. The chords follow the melody and often 3 are enough. It isn't restrictive at all.

The EP has a track called "Bardo's Bliss." In Buddhism, Bardo often means "Death." Are you in a nihilistic place right now? What is your perspective on death? Interesting, I didn't know that. No, I have values about most things. Judging is one of the essential operations of the mind. To say there are no values, like Nihilists do, is also a judgment.

Bardo's Bliss is about John Bardo, a crazed stalker and murderer. He killed the aspiring actress Rebecca Schaeffer in 1989 after obsessing and following her around. Apparently, he obtained her address by going to the DMV and asking for it.

As for my feelings about death, well it gets closer every day. It's important for me to surround myself with people and things that make me happy.

What's something that will surprise listeners on the new record? I don't think there is anything too surprising on this release. The songs were written around the same time as the "Impostor" album that came out last year. It's the same band and was recorded in the same studio. Check out the artwork. It was done by my friend the amazing Chris Shary.

I particularly like how the new EP is in the classic punk format- 4 songs crammed onto one disc. Do you have any memories of an early punk EP that was formative for you? I always like "Stink" by "The Replacements".

What's inspiring you right now? I recently moved out to the Arizona desert. It is beautiful but stark.

You had Milo on your last LP- do you know Milo from back in the day. or is the collaboration the result of a recent meeting? Chris Shary introduced me to Milo a few years back. I was working on a Children's' album in 2020 featuring different singers and I asked him if he wanted to sing one of the songs. Fortunately, he did and added an amazing vocal track to one of them. During the production of "Impostor" Bobby suggested that I ask him to sing "Quid Pro Quo", and he did. He did a great job on that song as well. Milo is one of the great's of punk.

What's in store for you going forward? Right I am working on scoring the children's songs that came out on "Fibulous Fabber and Friends" for a play my sister wrote based on these songs and a book our mom wrote years ago. The process of scoring is pretty tedious but necessary for this kind of project. I'm always writing songs and instrumental soundtrack music.