Sarah and the Safe Word, The Iron Roses, Vandoliers, more added to Punk Rock Saves Lives Fest 2024
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Punk Rock Saves Lives has announced its full lineup for this year. Sarah and the Safe Word, Vandoliers, The Iron Roses, Fire Sale, The Havoc, Blind Adam and the Federal League, Generation Exit, Bad Year. The Frickashinas, The Dollheads, Boob Sweat, JC and the Church, Seize and Desist, Dead Pioneers, Suburban Resistance, Gas Station Boner Pills, Hold Fast, Crimson Riot, Bridge the Gap, Indecisive, and Thomas Nicholas Band will be playing the festival. These bands join the previously announced lineup of Middle-Aged Queers, Jon Snodgrass, Chad Price Peace Coalition, 1876, Spells, Volores, Lights in the Sky, Pitch Invasion, Venomous Pinks, and Black Guy Fawkes. Tickets will go to the Punk Rock Saves Lives Missions of Wellness and Equality. Punk Rock Saves Lives Fest will take place on July 5-7 at Ratio Beerworks in Denver, Colorado.