Scowl, Zulu, Pest Control, more drop off Download Festival due to Barclays sponsorship

Bands including Scowl, Zulu, Pest Control, and Speed have dropped off Download Festival (which starts later this week) due to the festival’s partnership with Barclays Bank. The bands have each released statements on Instagram speaking about their decision. Scowl’s statement reads,

”We will not be playing Download Fest this year due to Barclays Bank sponsorship of the event and Barclays’ connection to Israel and the genocide Israel is committing in Palestine. Free Palestine!”

Zulu’s statement reads,

”We will not be playing Download Festival as we just got word about Barclays Bank and their sponsorship of the fest. Barclays Bank is involved with Israel and the genocide they are ACTIVELY committing against Palestine. It’s FREE PALESTINE y’all don’t get it twisted.”

Pest Control’s statementreads in part,

”We have made the decision to pull out of our upcoming shows at Download Festival this week (June 12 and June 16). This is due to us taking part in the boycott against Barclays Bank, who are Download Festival’s payment partner and sponsor. Barclays Bank oversees billions of dollars in investments and loans to companies whose weapons and technology are used in Israel’s onslaught against the Palestinian people. We will not take part in an event whose sponsor profits from facilitating a genocide.”

SPEED’s statement reads,

”SPEED will no longer be playing Download Festival this Friday June 14 due to the recent news of Barclays Banks sponsorship of the event and their involvement in the war in Gaza”

While Split Chain is still playing the festival they announced that they would be donating their entire artists’ fee from the festival to the Palestine Children’s Relief Fund and Medical Aid For Palestinians. Their statement reads in part,

”As individuals and as a collective, Split Chain condemn the ongoing atrocities committed in Gaza and the genocide of the Palestinian people. We praise all those who use their voice for those in need, and we wholeheartedly respect and stand with every band, individual and organization that are using their platforms in any way to further raise awareness of this crisis.”

This is an ongoing story and we will keep you updated. See the statements in full below.