As was reported last week, No Values fest, the Goldenvoice run, one-day mega-fest in California had a number of issues in running the event, including expensive food (lunch costing $25-40), overlapping sets, surrounding traffic jams, and a 3+ hour wait to park. This weekend, Goldenvoice issued an e-mail that vaguely appeared to blame third-parties for the parking fiasco, stating that "Moving forward, the Goldenvoice/No Values production team will be taking the lead on traffic and parking operations for future shows at the fairplex." goldenvoice did not name who they believe is at fault for the issue… and did not even state that they did not, in fact, handle parking this year.

According to our sources, some attendees have also been issued $50 refunds (after e-mailing Goldenvoice and complaining). It is unclear if subsequent e-mails will have the same effect. We will let you know if anything else develops.