A look at this weekend's Punk Rock Tattoo Expo in Vegas
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The Punk rock Tattoo expo is this weekend at the Punk rock Museum in Las Vegas. It shows the connection between punk rock and body art… and you can get some fresh ink, too. Punknews writer Jason Murray spoke to Vinnie Fiorello and tattooist Tokyo Hiro about the event. You can check it out below.

Punk Rock Tattoo Expo Combines Art and Ink with a bit of Culture

Jason Murray

The Punk Rock Museum in Las Vegas is celebrating year two with the first annual Punk Rock Tattoo Expo, June 21 to 23. Bringing together some of the coolest tattooers on the planet you can meet, greet and get inked by the likes of Tokyo Hiro, Oliver Peck, Bob Tyrrell, Alexandra Fische, Greg Christian, Durb Morrison, Shaun Kama, Jimmy Utah, KJ, Ruthless and Big Island Mike.

Located inside the PRM, this all ages event will bring music and art together to celebrate the connection between cultures. Vinnie Fiorello, co-founder of Less Than Jake is looking after marketing for the space. He thought having a tattoo shop inside the museum only made sense.

He says, “Punk rock and tattoos don’t just complement each other, they’re part of a lifestyle.”

A working tattoo shop inside the museum brings the 50 plus years of punk rock to life. It gives seasoned punks and the casual visitor a sense of how the two art forms converged and how one compliments the other.
br/> Tokyo Hiro has been tattooing for over 30 years and is excited to be a part of the expo. He’s now creating artwork and album covers for bands like The Offspring, The Foo Fighters and Motörhead.

“Punk rockers, skaters and tattooers have always been connected,” Hiro says.

An apprentice with Bob Roberts of Spotlight Tattoo in LA, Hiro got to meet his punk music heroes daily while learning his craft. His designs have appeared on guitars, sneakers, beer, soccer pads and skateboards. He’s known for his east meets west designs and considers himself in the “middle school” of tattoo art design.

Hiro says, “I’m not old enough to be considered old school and not young enough to be new.” .The Museum house band PTA (Punk Tribute Authority) will be playing opening night to kick off the three days of needles and ink. The expo takes place from 12pm to 10pm each day with a special discounted admission price of $25.

“We want to shine a light on the darker corners and document the past, present and future of punk rock,” Fiorello says.

Hiro adds, “The Punk Rock Museum is showcasing the humanity of punk and tattoo culture.I can’t believe it’s only been around a year.”

Jason Murray is a writer from Eastern Canada who wrote a book called A Distorted Revolution. He spends his time trying to figure out the mysteries behind the drums, guitar and bass.