Check out the new video by Egghead!

We are PSYCHED to debut the new video by Egghead!

You all know Egghead. The band made a name for themselves in the late '90s by kicking out melodic pop-punk inspired in equal parts by Descendents, They might be giants, and the Undertones. Well, the band is reissuing the waaaay out of print, CD only compilation Dumb Songs For Smart People… except now it is on vinyl… and it's remastered and it sounds great!

The band's John Ross Bowie (who was also in a little show called The Big Bang Theory) spoke to Punknews about the re-release: "When Mike Faloon moved to New York City in 1993, he remarked to me that he’d never lived anywhere with a neighborhood palm reader. I had grown up in the city, so I sort of just took it for granted that there were people on every other block who claimed to have psychic abilities. And that’s a really weird thing to take for granted. But Faloon thought it made a great song title, so I wrote this sort of celebration of New York City and the people in it who claimed to have supernatural powers."

You can pick up the record here and here. And, the band is about to play some shows with the like-minded Ergs and Boris the Sprinkler! And, you can check out the video for "Neighborhood Palm reader" below, right now!

Photo: Seth Olenick

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