Listen to Punknews Podcast #654.5 - Em Tells You What to Listen to - June 2024!
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Episode #654.5 of the Punknews Podcast is now up! In this bonus episode, Em plays some of her favourite songs from June 2024 including tracks by Indian Giver, Cross Dog, Terry Green, State Faults, Scene Queen, Anthony Green, Problem Patterns, Bad Movies, Scrunchies, The Readys, Survival Club, Sonagi, Trash Diva, Uniform, Blind Girls, Virginity, Lesibu Grand, Thotcrime, Avem, Future Teens, Combat, Ekko Astral, and more. Listen to the episode below!

Em Tells You What To Listen To - June 2024 Tracklist

”Purity” - Indian Giver ft. Wiidaaseh

”Chokehold” - Cross Dog

”Gnawing” - Terry Green

”Blood Moon” - State Faults

”POV” - Scene Queen ft. The Ready Set

”Middle of the Night” - Anthony Green

”I Think You Should Leave” - Problem Patterns

”Hallelujah” - Bad Moves

”The Empire” - Scrunchies

”Feel Alive” - Survival Club

”Piety Contest” - The Readys

”Rain Shadow” - Sonagi

”This Is Not A Prayer” - Uniform

”Loveless” - Blind Girls

”Foul Void” - Heriot

”No Chill” - Trash Diva

”Ur Godz” - Virginity

”Stimming” - Fucked Up

”Anarchy” - Lesibu Grand

”What Are You, A Cop?” - Carly Cosgrove

”Just A Rat” - Bacchae

”Bird Perv” - Avem

”Behind The Cracks” - Thotcrime

”Lavender” - The Names of Our Friends

”Persona” - GEL

”days gone” - Cliffdiver

”Control” - Monte

”Where’s My Crystal Ball?” - The Dreaded Laramie

”The L Word” - Desert Mambas

”Double Down” - Future Teens

”Vertigo” - Beach Bunny

”Downhill” - Pom Pom Squad

”Stay Golden” - Combat

”Holocaust Remembrance Day” - Ekko Astral