Plan-it-X is reporting that Ghost Mice will hit the road in late April and throughout May with Leeds England based band The Dauntless Elite. Click below for the announced dates, venues have yet to be announced so check the label's website or your local sources. The Dauntless Elite have a six song demo recorded, some of which can be found on their website and is well worth a listen.

The Dauntless Elite:

Sunday 22nd February 2004 at Satans Hollow, Manchester with Paper Cutout, Stapleton, The Little Explorer, The Wow, Burnst, The Jesus Years, Codify, Andy Glenn and Ritch, Long live and the Mercy Suite.

Sunday 22nd February 2004 (evening) at The Acklam, Middlebrough with This Ain't Vegas, Tigers, D-Rail, Dugong, All One Word, Pinto, Blanka and more tbc.

Friday 27th February 2004 at The Windmill, Brixton with Fig. 4.0 and more.

Saturday 28th February 2004 at Diofest, Portsmouth with Jets Vs Sharks, Fig. 4.0, Send More Paramedics, Among the Missing and loads more.

Sunday 29th February 2004 at The Cricketter, Sheffield with Pinto and All One Word.

Tuesday 16th March 2004 at The 1 in 12 Club, Bradford with The Enablers, Black Cougar Shock Unit and one more.

Saturday 20th March 2004 at The Fenton, Leeds with The Enablers, Black Cougar Shock Unit and Blocko.

Saturday 27th March 2004 at The Ferryboat, Norwich with Blocko and Jets Vs Sharks.

Saturday 10th April 2004 at The Talbot Hotel, Stoke with Fig. 4.0 (tbc) and Hate Fuck Propaganda

Ghost Mice / The Dauntless Elite

Tuesday 27th April 2004 in Bloomington, IN with Ghost Mice
Wednesday 28th April 2004 in Louisville, KY with Ghost Mice
Thursday 29th April 2004 in Birmingham, AL with Ghost Mice
Friday 30th April 2004 in New Orleans, LA with Ghost Mice
Saturday 1st May 2004 in Pensacola, FL with Ghost Mice
Sunday 2nd May 2004 in Tallahasse, FL with Ghost Mice
Monday 3rd May 2004 in Gainesville, FL with Ghost Mice
Tuesday 4th May2004 in Brandon or Tampa, FL with Ghost Mice
Wednesday 5th May 2004 in Miami, FL with Ghost Mice
Thursday 6th May 2004 in Daytona, AL with Ghost Mice
Friday 7th May 2004 in Jacksonville FL with Ghost Mice
Saturday 8th May 2004 inValdosta GA or Gainesville FL with Ghost Mice
Sunday 9th May 2004 in Athens, GA with Ghost Mice
Monday 10th May 2004 in Asheville, NC with Ghost Mice
Tuesday 11th May2004 in Goldsboro, NC with Ghost Mice
Wednesday 12th May 2004 in Richmond, VA with Ghost Mice
Thursday 13th May 2004 in Washington DC with Ghost Mice
Friday 14th May 2004 in Washington DC with Ghost Mice
Saturday 15th May 2004 inPhiladelphia PA or Baltimore MD with Ghost Mice
Sunday 16th May 2004 in NYC area with Ghost Mice
Monday 17th May 2004 in NYC area with Ghost Mice
Tuesday 18th May2004 in ??? with Ghost Mice
Wednesday 19th May 2004 in Boston, MA with Ghost Mice
Thursday 20th May 2004 in ??? with Ghost Mice
Friday 21st May 2004 in ??? with Ghost Mice
Saturday 22nd May 2004 in??? with Ghost Mice
Sunday 23rd May 2004 in Pittsburgh PA with Ghost Mice
Monday 24th May 2004 in Detroit MI with Ghost Mice
Tuesday 25th May2004 in Chicago IL with Ghost Mice
Saturday 29th May 2004 at Josephs Well, Leeds with Against Me! and more tbc.