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"Deep Enough To Die have posted a new song from their upcoming full length "My City of Ruin" on their purevolume site. Deep Enough To Die incorporate intricate guitar work and fetching rhythms to mark their territory in the post-hardcore music scene. "My City of Ruin" harkons back to the days of "This Time Next Year" era Movielife but with more balls. The album is expected to hit stores on June 22nd.

We've created a new E-card for A Trunk Full of Dead Bodies' latest EP "My Smile, Her Corpse". You can now listen to the entire album plus a bonus song by clicking here.

We are proud to announce that all the DTK bands will be going on tour this summer! The Nightmare Scenario and Deep Enough To Die will be doing a full US tour the month of June into July. A Trunk Full of Dead Bodies will be going down south for 20 dates in June and head out to the midwest and then back to the northeast most of July."