Big Wheel Recreation has just posted the following news on the newly-reformed Cancer Conspiracy:

"The newest album from The Cancer Conspiracy should be complete soon. We have hired Tim Presley (Darker My Love) to do all of the original artwork for the release, everyone that has seen the original paintings has loved it, hopefully you will too. The first press of the album will be a 2 dics set. Disc one consists of six studio tracks (recorded/mixed by Matt Squire) written and produced by the band and disc two will have the entire album remixed by various underground cult heros. The remix album will have three hip hop remixes and three rock remixes. The list of remixers is incredible (you will surely agree) but we are waiting to release this information until we have the finished tracks in hand… check back soon."

In other news, the band's webpage was snatched up by evil internet gnomes; no word on if or when they'll get a new address.