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Jade Tree has posted the following news on Denali:

"After two records and countless hours on the road, Richmond Virginia's DENALI have decided to move on. The band will not be playing their scheduled dates on the Plea For Peace tour and have headed home after finishing their recent tour with Brand New. While we are very sad to hear this, we do want to wish both Cam and Maura the best of luck in their future endeavors. Above all else DENALI were an incredible live band and after seeing them recently, with new members Stephen Howard and Ryan Rapsys, at both SXSW and Skate and Surf we will have fond memories of their electrifying stage show as well as the last few years working together."

Hey everyone.

We would like to start this by thanking all the fans who have supported us, listened to our music, and come out to our shows. Without you, Denali would not have existed. Unfortunately, due to differences in the band Denali cannot continue in the current state. This was an amazing experience for all of us, but it's time to move on and try something new. Please keep checking for updates, future announcements, and to pick up the remaining merchandise. We hope Denali has meant as much to our fans as our fans have meant to us.

Thank you all so much.

We also want to offer our sincerest apologies to Cursive, Darkest Hour, Mike Park, and everyone involved with the Plea for Peace tour for being unable to participate in something we believe in and felt extremely lucky to be doing.

With deepest gratitude, apologies, and appreciation,