by Crosscheck

Crosscheck Records has released a press release about the next volume in the infamous Boston Beatdown series, which documents the "mayhem" of the Boston hardcore scene..

Boston Beatdown: See the World Through Our Eyes
Volume II

Due out June 22nd on Crosscheck Records

"Intense. A documentary about the hardcore punk scene by the people who wrote its history"

- Al Barr (Dropkick Murphys)

Boston Beatdown has teamed up with Los Angeles-based Crosscheck Records for the release of their newest DVD documentary, entitled, Boston Beatdown: See the World Through Our Eyes-Volume II. Their first DVD, self-released Boston Beatdown Volume I became an instant underground success and sold out in a matter of months. Although, available only through the Boston Beatdown website and the backpacks of the Boston Beatdown crew, the limited edition DVD soon made its way into markets across the world.

Described as "brutal" and "intense," Volume II delivers an all-out assault on those whose perceptions of reality are blinded by mainstream media. Accomplishing what its title commands, Volume II forces its audience to witness and experience the dark and often violent world of the underground hardcore music scene. It is a documentary on a world frequently ignored and overlooked by traditional society, a culture of music, violence, family and respect.

By combining live performances and interviews with some of the most intense violence caught on camera, Volume II is a unique opportunity, afforded by its creators, to "see the world through their eyes." Be it the mayhem of a show, the violence of its aftermath, or the chaos of an ensuing riot, Volume II has captured it for the world to see. From the attack by hardcore kids on singer Moby to the sewing up of stab wounds on a living room couch, no other hardcore documentary has ever been so honest and real.

"From the first punch to the last chord," Volume II delivers a non-stop, in your face, visual and auditory glimpse into the dark and violent world of underground hardcore and punk rock. Featuring live performances and interviews from such bands as Blood for Blood, Death Before Dishonor, and Righteous Jams, and featuring never-before-seen footage from bands such as Wrecking Crew, In My Eyes and Ten Yard Fight, this sequel DVD has, in many eyes, already proven itself to be the hardest and most graphic look at the hardcore scene ever. Backed with exclusive interviews by founding members of Boston 's notorious F.S.U. gang and scored by a soundtrack of some of Boston's hardest music, Volume II, tells the story and history of Boston hardcore from past until present.

On the verge of its release, the Volume II DVD has already acquired the support and respect of some of the biggest and most legendary hardcore and punk rock bands in the world, including the Dropkick Murphys, Hatebreed, New Found Glory and Give Up the Ghost (formerly American Nightmare), and has already received substantial press, including a news segment aired on Boston's WHDH-NBC news, and an upcoming national NBC broadcast of that segment. Hyped up on Internet message boards and fanzines across the world, the anticipated release of Volume II has already spawned an upcoming worldwide tour of the bands featured on the DVD, as well as the reunion of one of Boston 's most legendary hardcore bands, Wrecking Crew.

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