by Polyvinyl

Polyvinyl Records has announced the signing of longtime Tim Kinsella semi-electronic, semi-solo project Joan Of Arc. The label will be releasing the group's new record Joan of Arc, Dick Cheney, Mark Twain… on both CD [August 24th] and double LP [August 12th]. The album will feature guest appearances from members of Aloha, Town and Country, Pit er Pat, The Love of Everything, Kinsella's new band Make Believe, and Kinsella brother Mike's solo project Owen. To complete the Triforce of Power, fellow brother Nate Kinsella recorded the album. No word on if anyone made cute little "Kinsella Family Reunion 2004" t-shirts or not.


  1. Questioning Benjamin Franklin's Ghost
  2. Apocalypse Politics
  3. The Title Track of This Album
  4. Queasy Lynn
  5. White and Wrong
  6. Onomatopoeic Animal Faces
  7. A Half-Deaf Girl Named Echo
  8. 80's Dance Parties Most of All
  9. Deep Rush
  10. Gripped By the Lips
  11. Fleshy Jeffrey
  12. Abigail, Cops and Animals
  13. "Still" from Miss Kate's Texture Dictionary
  14. The Details of the Bomb
  15. I Trust a Litter of Kittens Still Keeps the Colosseum
  16. The Telephones Have Begun Making Calls
  17. The Cash In and Price