Via an Anonymous Source, Posted by The Misfits is reporting that Danzig will take Doyle out on the road as part of the fall lineup of the "Blackest Of The Black" tour. This should be of note to Misfits fans as Doyle is the eponymous band of ex-Misfits guitarist O.C. Doyle. Glenn explained his plans for the pairing:

"To do this right, I invited Doyle to join Danzig on stage at 'Blackest Of The Black' for a 'special guest' Misfits set. This is the first time we will be performing on stage together in 20 years. It's the closest thing to a Misfits reunion anyone is ever going to see!"

The tour will be Glenn Danzig's last for the foreseeable future, "It seems like I have been touring my whole life and I want to take some time for myself and do many of the things I've always wanted to do, like direct my first feature film, which I will be doing this next year." Danzig will be supporting their new record Circle Of Snakes, due on August 24 via Evilive.