Contributed by mooville, Posted by Crosscheck

On July 31st, members of Sworn Enemy and Walls of Jericho who were scheduled to perform at Lyons Group Club Axis in Boston were told that they could not take the stage wearing Boston Beatdown t-shirts. They were ordered to remove it under penalty of being ejected from the club. Furthermore, they were told that any references made to Boston Beatdown, or local performing artists Blood For Blood and Death Before Dishonor would result in the show being terminated.

During this time, a member of Walls of Jericho’s touring crew was told by a uniformed police officer that if he did not remove his Boston Beatdown t-shirt or turn it inside-out, he would be ejected from the club and arrested.

We attempted to get clarification on this incident. We contacted the Lyons Group and they denied there presence at that event. Lyons Group told us to contact Clear Channel. We did and were told by Clear Channel to contact Lyons Group for more information. Neither group offered any information regarding details of the incident.

We want to thank all the bands and labels that have continued to show their support for us. Free Speech is very important, and I think we deserve an explanation when these rights are taken away.

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