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You asked, he answered - M. Shadows, frontman for Avenged Sevenfold tackles the real issues that you readers demanded. Among them: What type of makeup the band uses, who they want their asses kicked by, and just what they thought of the Danzig knockout video.

Please state your name and what you do in the band.

Shadows- Vocals

How has Warped Tour been so far?

Amazing. A lot better than last year. The response has been overwhelming.

How did Hopeless find you?

We did a record for Goodlife Recordings and the guy who mastered the record told Hopeless about us. So one thing lead to another and we eventually signed with them.

Generally speaking, what are you favorite tour stops?

Chicago, Cali, Denver, New Jersey. Those are all really good markets for us.

What bands have influenced you the most?

Guns N Roses, Pantera.

Is there any specific process you go through for songwriting?

One thing we like to do is not get too caught up on the textures of the song before the structure is laid out. We like to get a feel fo the song then go back and add on top of it.

Are there any prospective dates for the writing, tracking, recording, release, etc. of the next album? Tentative song titles perhaps?

We are in early stages of writing the next record. After Warped Tour we will stay home and write until it's done. Then to the studio.

Who drew your skull logo?

Our friend Micah Montague

How was it hosting Headbanger's Ball?

It was fun. We were happy to be there and get to hang out in New York instead of driving to Florida with the rest of our crew. We had to fly out that night for a House of Blues show in Florida so it was tiring, but still worth it.

What have you been listening to lately?

Decendents, No Doubt, Green Day, NOFX.

Do you believe that the growth in popularity of emocore and metalcore has diluted the emotion behind the music?

I'm sure it has. Whenever something gets popular a million people start doing it shitty and it makes the music cheaper.

Is anyone in your band religious, or in the least have a passing interest in?

Nah, not really at all.

What's the story with you and potential bad blood with Converge?

They said some stupid shit in an English Magazine so we said some stupid shit back. That's all.

And now for some user-submitted questions:

If someone killed one of your members, would you seek to get them the death penatly or life imprisonment?

I'd kill them myself and if that wasn't possible I'd go for life in prison. I don't believe in the government killing people, but if I was angry enough I'd kill them myself, knowing I would be in the wrong.

What brand of makeup do the band members involved in such activites use?

I have no clue, I don't think we give a shit what we put on as long as it looks right.

If a group of bastard chumps made a crappy band and called themselves "Avenged Eightfold" how would you exact revenge on them?

No, that would be funny. More power to them.

If you could get your ass kicked by one band, who would it be and why?

C'mon now, that's just a stupid question.

Have you seen the infamous Danzig video where he gets knocked the fuck out by a member of the North Side Kings? If so, what did you think of it?

I think a lot of people think it's crazy when that happens every day. I think the North Side Kings should have brought it up with production. Only a band that doesn't play bigger shows would actually walk up to the singer of the headliner and complain about a production call. It's all just stupid, but funny at the same time. I watched that thing like 100 times. Danzig is old and short, he shouldn't be pushing people that are gonna fuck him up like that.

Finally, if you were a hair metal band in the 1980s, who would you be and why?

I don't consider them a hair band but a lot of people do.. so Guns N Roses.