Isolation and solitude might very well be a viable formula to creating music free from modern influence and distraction. Much like those who distance themselves from the bustle of the concrete jungle in order to clear the mind, location proves to be an essential aspect of musical creativity.

The four–some known as 1090 CLUB hail from Billings, Montana, a city surrounded by the simple characteristics in life. Some might not immediately deem Billings as a hotbed of musical variety but the CLUB has seen well beyond that horizon. By utilizing the aesthetic of their environment, the band has shaped a style that uniquely meshes their diverse range of talent and artistic vision.

On Natural Selection, the band’s sophomore effort off SideCho Records, 1090 CLUB justify that musical integrity. By collaborating with the legendary Steve Fisk (Nirvana, Soundgarden, Minus the Bear) the group has honed its sound to a pleasing balance through the deep know–how of the veteran producer.

Incorporating exquisite yet subtle violin and keys against a backdrop of upbeat tempo rounds out the distinctive 1090 sound. The band then tops it all off with contrasting harmonies that provide a surprisingly eerie accent. Although reminiscent of their debut release, Natural Selection presents a more mature structure demonstrating the beauty in battering drums and delicate vocals. When asked about the evolution their music has experienced, the members collectively answered:

“We've really come into our own as far as playing as a 4–piece. The compositions are much deeper musically, and I think the 4–piece format translates better. When we wrote the last record we were still learning to play together, and getting use to each other’s styles. Creativity in groups has a steep learning curve.”

Not just a mere conveying of words, the buzz Natural Selection generated even long prior to its release led to a renowned Myspace recommend “New Artist” spot on the front page of the site’s Music section.

From the opening kick of the appropriately titled “Itson” to the self–reinventing final act of “Do”, Natural Selection gives the listener an assorted variety of styles to accompany the many moods of human nature. Not too complex yet matchless in its own right, the album accurately portrays the creative process rooted in 1090 CLUB'S experiences living in Big Sky Country. Exhibited through their humble yet driven approach to life, and as a sum of their straightforward attitude, the band proudly states “Montana as a whole is the greatest place ever. Billings is where our families live. We love that about it.” Billings will always serve as the foundation for 1090 CLUB but they are most certainly adamant about exposing Natural Selection to the world.